Call of Duty SMR a New addition to Call of Duty’s Arsenal

This single shot assault rifle is unlocked for use at level 46. The SMR is a fictional bull pup battle rifle, modeled after the Russian Tula Scratch .308rifle. Currently only a prototype design, the Scratch is intended to be a modular weapon system intended to fulfill a variety of roles. It fires the powerful .308 Winchester cartridge – essentially the NATO rifle round – and the bull pup design keeps overall dimensions short while preserving barrel length.

Call of Duty SMRThis gives the weapon a blend of maneuverability, accuracy and power – although comes at the cost of higher recoil and a more complex internal mechanism. In-game, the damage reflects the powerful cartridge – as the SMR is the highest damage assault rifle on offer. Like the FAL, the SMR will kill in two shots anywhere to the body at a close range – but will retain this high level of damage out to a longer distance, only requiring 3 body shots over the longer sightlines.
This makes for very consistent performance – and the high damage is able to pierce cover effectively too, with excellent penetration characteristics. Fire cap is adequate for most trigger fingers, but otherwise low by most automatic weapon standards: by default, the weapon will fire semi-automatically at a rate of up to 535rounds per minute.
Paired with select fire, the weapon will become fully-automatic: although your fire rate will be reduced to just 416 rounds per minute.Hipfire performance is poor, the same as the FAL OSW, and some degree worse than average for the assault rifle class. Recoil is high, much more significant than the FAL – although it can be moderated by slowing your rate of fire down to ensure accuracy. Aim time is a little slower than average for the assault rifle class, at 275 milliseconds- but these additional 25 milliseconds will seldom make any real difference. Other handling traits are comparable to the SMR’s peers, and you’ll move at the assault rifle default of 95% of the base speed.
Magazine capacity is the lowest in class, at 20 rounds – although with careful fire control this will prove sufficient for most gunfights, even in cases where you find yourself tackling multiple foes. Extended clip bumps this up to 26 rounds instead. Reloads are slowest in class too, although at just 2.75 seconds, such resupplies are far from inconvenient. Our build with the SMR is all about precision: a marksman build, designed to preserve accuracy wherever possible and place powerful shots precisely where they need to be.

Call of Duty SMR
First of our pick-ten choices is an optic of your choice – there are a multitude of options available, with each providing benefits on certain maps and with certain play styles. For a pure long-range role, the ACOG provides the highest level of magnification: permitting greater precision along the longest sightlines – but with a narrower field of view which can give you tunnel vision while aiming at a closer range.
The Hybrid Optic is worth considering, granting two zoom levels for greater flexibility – although you do lose the recoil-reducing benefits of the ACOG.A good all-round option is the Rotech sight: a mid-level zoom that functions well on most maps.
The target finder offers the same level of zoom, with the added bonus of highlighting enemies – although you do lose a significant portion of your peripheral vision while aiming. The reflex sight is perhaps best for smaller maps: affording a perfectly clear sight picture, while preserving your awareness while aiming.
Whichever you choose, the addition of an optic helps you to tune the SMR to any situation: and the clearer sight picture will help you to more accurately direct your shots. Next, we open up our perk selection with the defensive stalwart Flak Jacket: never a bad choice, this option will serve you well in a defensive role, blunting the effectiveness of your enemy’s explosive arsenal. As such, this will make it much harder to dislodge you from a good firing position: and it is from good cover where the SMR will perform best.


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